Parus major

Great Tit / Talgoxe

Main author: 
Magnus Hellström, October 2014.

Ottenby Bird Observatory. 2015. Ringers' DigiGuide - Parus major.
                      Adult          Young
SC               sp
winter            -                   -
Young sp: The post-juvenile moult includes the body, LC, MC, and most often all GC, tertials and RR. CC and innermost alula are generally also included (and sometimes all three alula). A moult contrast is generally found between post-juvenile GC and juvenile PC (but is not always easy to detect). Many birds also show moult contrast in alula, and a few show contrast in tertials, RR, inner SS or in outer GC (outermost 1-3 GC are occasionally left unmoulted).
Adult SC: The post-breeding moult includes the whole plumage.
Number of GC included in the post-juvenile moult shown as percentage of 1cy birds at Ottenby 2011-2013 (n=609).
[The symbol + is used for birds showing irregular moult sequence.]
[Two categories of birds were excluded: 1) Birds that had not yet conducted the moult of the GC, and 2) birds where the assessment of the moult was deemed as less certain.]


Autumn and spring
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